Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Letter to the Nation Magazine

Dear Editors,

I have a few questions about your ridiculous “Open Letter to Ralph Nader”. Was it Carter or Reagan or Bush or Clinton or GW who murdered people overseas to protect American corporate interests? Who misled America and was then brazen and unapologetic about doing so? Who got us all health care? Who encouraged globalization and NAFTA and basically provided the ruling class with a license to print their own money? Who was pro-union and increased the minimum wage? Who championed Instant Voter Runoff and Campaign Finance reform? Who is pro-environment and forced the big three to develop hybrids and alternative energy?

Ultimately, what is accomplished, exactly, when we elect a Democrat instead of a Republican? You might liken voting for Nader to banging ones head against a wall. I can only say that at least my wall is made of sheetrock and is weakened by each blow. I am surrounded by astonishingly naive Democrats with bloody foreheads and brick dust on their LL Bean sweaters. Doesn’t that hurt? Do you really think that wall’s giving way?

During each election cycle, Democrats never tire of pretending that all Republicans are the anti-Christ and only a Democrat can save us! Spare me. Both parties are full of completely straightforward fascists and the only real answer is to stop supporting them and their corporate masters. Your somewhat undemocratic strategy to stifle Nader’s candidacy and urge voters to support another corporate minion isn’t awfully inspired and, in my lifetime, has yet to yield us a single human president. Can you explain by what wizardry you expect it to work now?
I will support Ralph even if he doesn’t run and so should you!

Shame on the Nation (both the magazine and the country) for taking such a cowardly stance!

Matt Funiciello


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