Thursday, April 29, 2004

Is Parking Really a Problem?

Dear Editor,

My business, Rock Hill Bakehouse Café, has just finished its first full week of business in Glens Falls (in the old Triads building) and it has been fantastic! I wish to thank both of our hometown newspapers (and TV8, as well) for the wonderful coverage we’ve received.

After this first week, I have been left with a deep desire to work on re-establishing a shopping and restaurant district in downtown Glens Falls. Small towns all over the country have them. They are a destination where people come to shop, to eat and to be entertained. There are no “stars” in these districts. All choices are truly unique. Nothing is mediocre. Everything is exceptional. These districts become destination points for connoisseurs of quality items, food, wine, theater and clothing.

It seems that Glens Falls worries about giving up much-needed sales tax revenue to Queensbury. The right answer to this problem seems obvious. Make sure that downtown stays high quality and niche market. Why not make revenue from one $295 dollar handmade American dress instead of ten cheaply-made $20 dollar dresses at a mall franchise? We already have some truly unique businesses. We have wonderful music and theatre. And thanks to Charley Wood we’ll soon have an amazing venue to match it. We just need to keep setting the bar higher; better food, better entertainment, better service until we are considered “the” place for upstate residents tired of being bilked to go for a wonderful afternoon or evening out.

What we DON’T need is to continue focusing on (and being hysterical about) parking. I have yet to have trouble finding parking downtown, in fifteen years of living here. I have yet to walk more than a block and a half to get to any function, including sold-out Icehawks games and Taste of the North Country. I think we can all agree that people who can’t walk a block and a half are being ridiculously lazy, right? Do we really care about these lazy peoples’ needs so much that we are going to forego real growth and gentrification in favor of “parking hysteria”? Can’t we, as a community, focus our efforts on growth and spend every available dollar and morsel of energy we have attracting more new small businesses to town?

Matt Funiciello

Nader Ignored Again!

Dear Editor,

Ken Tingley’s recent editorial asked, “Who’s Man Enough to Be President?” In it, the only principled person running is completely ignored (Ralph Nader). Tingley found Kerry to be “impressive” and Bush to be lacking.

I can certainly agree that Bush has been a spectacular presidential failure. He is, at best, a simpleton, a chauvinist and a warmonger whose failed policies rival the worst in our history. But, to say that Kerry is impressive, by comparison, seems a stretch. Bush and Kerry squaring off in the intellectual arena are kind of like a heavyweight bout between a six-year old and Lennox Lewis, don’t ya think? Is it really a fair fight?

What if we put Kerry up against a real contender, like Nader? Kerry, like Bush, is just another ruling class politician whose two-party message is surprisingly consistent with that of his supposed “opposition”. Neither candidate is a friend of anyone who works for a living, they’re just good fakers. What’s so “manly” about that?

Ralph Nader is the man who will withdraw our troops from Iraq. No reinstatement of the draft on his watch! He has a single-payer Healthcare plan and a way to pay for it. He’ll repeal NAFTA and help put an end to global economic slavery (or “globalization”, as we’re asked to call it). He will mandate a minimum wage that is above federal poverty guidelines. He will fully fund alternative energy research. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Will we see this title fight? Will Nader get his time in the ring with “Mr. Impressive”? It’s highly unlikely with the “free press” so focused on the completely fake battle between TweedleDumb and TweedleDee. If the press continues to ignore independent candidates and doesn’t focus on the undemocratic nature of the “debates”, who will?

Imagine an America where Instant Runoff Voting is the norm and where the press thinks of it as its duty to give equal time to every candidate. Do you think that place might be a little closer to a real democracy than the system of lies and posing we currently live under?

Ken, please do your part. Stop ignoring the only “real man” in the race. Don’t wait for the wire services or the mainstream corporate press to signal that it’s okay. Cover Nader yourself. That’s what a newspaperman should do!

Matt Funiciello