Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Third Party

Dear Editor:

Every election year, we see multiple letters extolling the virtues of various local candidates. “My democrat is a better servant of the people” - “My republican has more experience” - “My dad’s better than your dad.” This simplistic barrage is rarely issues-based. Apparently, these Ward and June Cleaver types are all great neighbors, amazing parents and all-around, heroic, noble people.

For the sake of keeping things simple, lets agree that each of these candidates will, in fact, decide a very important thing if elected – How to spend our money! Whose interests will they serve? A clear majority of politicians represent one of the two major parties, so this is an easy question to answer. These candidates are, basically, indentured servants. Their parties choose to run them because they’ll “do what they’re supposed to” after they’re elected. It is certainly in a candidate’s own self-interest to tow the party line after election day, and most do.

Vote republican or democrat (at any level) and you are supporting a system that is, by nature, undemocratic. You are playing part in a false polarization of the masses that allows many to think they are making an actual choice when they align themselves with one political juggernaut or the other. The two major parties have always represented the interests of the ruling class. It is highly unlikely you are a part of that class; Why on earth would you elect its minions?

Our nationally-elected representatives have a lot in common. They are rich. They love big business. They hate unions and workers. They refuse to address the need for affordable health care. They cut our veterans budgets while sending our children to fight oil wars. They allow our air and water to be horribly polluted. They shut “we the people” out of the democratic process through the electoral college and corporate sponsorship. They lie. Most damaging perhaps, together they sustain factory-schools with which they raise complacent, materialistic, easily-manipulated adults.

Republicans and democrats are one and the same. When you vote, do
America a favor and don’t sell it further down the river. Vote Green, Progressive, Independent, Working Families, Libertarian or one of the many other alternatives. If no “real” human beings are running, run for office yourself! There are always choices beyond what you’re presented with!

Matt Funiciello


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