Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Note to Some Conspiracy Theorists

Truth be told, this forum has links to evidence that indicate foul play in relation to this Tsunami, but it also links to evidence that clearly shows that it was a natural disaster and nothing else. Which are correct? The mainstream media won't even explore the possibility. The authorities ALWAYS lie whether they have done anything wrong or not. How can we then discover the truth? How about waiting a little while before we place judgement? Whether the USA was involved or not, we can't follow the money on this one. We already know that our government will behave in an opportunistic manner in repsonse to this killer wave. Thats what we do. While our selfish acts and selective relief efforts show how shallow and self-interested we really are as a country, it also doesn't PROVE prove that we blew up an oceanic trench or sent lasers or sound waves underground effectively killing 150,000 people.

I say, lets focus instead on 9-11, a case of self-attack, if ever there was one. It is almost as obvious as JFK's murder. Our government simply had to be involved, not just in the assassination but the clean-up, as well. The Warren Commission was a key to understanding that the government didn't WANT to find anything remotely resembling the truth as it realted to JFK's assassination. There is much evidence to indicate that 9-11 was a "Reischstag Fire" ordered by American corporate interests, but the most damning evidence is clearly the swift and brutal efficiency with which they swept up all the evidence and declared things "A-OK" to reassure those amongst us who don't want to believe that our leaders are capable of such evil. Well, they are. We do need to stop living a lie in which we pretend Presidents are good people and not just evil salesman for the totally soulless corporations that actually run our world.

September 11th was a pretty big clue for those who may have been clueless! One way to be sure about any "conspiracy theory" is quite simple. What is the official REACTION to the theory when it is proferred? When all you hear to refute it are cries of "conspiracy theory" and "liar" and claims that those who dare question the "official story" are unpatriotic, you know you're close to the truth. Those most frightened of having these conversations will quickly resort to name-calling.

In the case of this Tsunami, there are PLENTY of people answering the questions that are asked with answers that, frankly, make quite a bit of sense. When it comes to 9-11, there really are just avoidances of truth and a huge reality gap between the existing photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts and the total bullshit fed to us by the press and the government.

Focus on what you can achieve. Lets help those who need relief and, while we await more information about the tsunami, we can rest assured that there will be plenty of people who will continue to theorize on our behalf. Know that even though our government regularly commits acts of great evil and mass murder and butchery in the name of resource and the almighty dollar, that not EVERYTHING bad that happens in the world is the fault of the American people, our false leaders, or our money-hungry Wall Street corporate elite. Sometimes, bad things do just happen.


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