Sunday, August 28, 2005

Idiot Editor Censors Truth (Again)

I sent a letter to the Post-Star about a week ago. The "powers that be" at our "hometown paper" just sent me back a form letter citing "factual errors" as the reason why they will not be printing my letter (they, in no way, elaborated as to what the factual errors were, of course). The letter concerned the Post-Star's All-Republican Mayoral Debate and was intended to let the Post-Star's sleepy readership know about the REAL Mayoral debates sponsored and hosted by the Glens Falls Labor Council and the Informed Constituent to which ALL FIVE CANDIDATES have been invited. (September 12th - Wood Theater - Free - 7:00 pm)

Please help me by seeing if you can find the "factual errors" in the letter below which caused the "good folk" at the Post-Star to engage in censorship. ;-) Good luck!
** the red text indicates sources and/or explanations which back up the parts that aren't merely "opinion."


Dear Editor:

Our “hometown newspaper” is hosting what they call a “mayoral debate” on September 7th. Only two of the five candidates have been invited. (Post-Star article ID No. 183491 - "Mayoral debate planned" - see archives) When questioned about this un-American behavior (see a little thing called the Constitution of the United States for more information about democracy), they claimed that the event is really a “primary debate” (even though they call it a “mayoral debate”). They say that a “forum” may be held sometime in the future where other candidates “may” be “allowed to participate”. (The article made no promises about further debates, it only suggests that another event may take place. I also had quite a lengthy conversation with Maury Thompson about a week after the article was run and he valiantly defended this disgusting behavior on his paper's part.)

Does the Post-Star really see the huge non-Republican majority of its Glens Falls readership (61%) as totally irrelevant? (There are 7993 voters registered in Glens Falls according to the Warren County Board of Elections. Only 3101 are Republicans. In case some help with this basic math is in order, 3101 is roughly 38.8% of 7993, meaning that more than 61% of enrolled GF voters are NOT enrolled as Republicans). They consistently withhold any substantive information about the Independent and Democratic candidates while dosing us daily with the squabbling between the two “conservative” camps. Esmond Lyons, Bill Berg and Leroy Akins have been virtually ignored. Why? (Less than a quarter of the Post-Star's stories on this mayoral race include the "other three" in any meaningful way. They just tag line Akins, Berg and Lyons at the end. Shameless pandering. Easily provable through their archives or by reading the dastardly rag daily, as I have.)

If you’re a business owner or an artist, Esmond Lyons is you. If you are a worker or someone who chooses not to live off the backs of others, Esmond is you. If you enjoy walking or biking and you understand that our downtown needs to be preserved, not sold off to the highest bidder, your vote's wasted on anyone else. Esmond is with us on all these major issues and many others that the Post-Star can’t see as locally relevant, like the impending energy crisis and how it will affect us in “Hometown USA”. You can learn more at “”.

If you want to see all five mayoral candidates in an un-manipulated setting, the Glens Falls Labor Council and The Informed Constituent (an independent news-monthly) are hosting a real debate at the Wood Theater on September 12th at 7:00 pm. Come hear all the candidates speak their minds and when you’ve heard all of them, I’m fairly confident that you’ll be voting for Esmond. That’s precisely why you haven’t heard much about him in our “hometown newspaper”. (These last two paragraphs may not be in agreement with the Post-Star's whole "Smash McDevitt and Kiss Taylor's Ass" agenda, but I would certainly love to hear directly from their mouths how any of these remarks have no basis in fact. Thats just completely asinine.)

Matt Funiciello This is, in fact, my actual name. ;-)


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