Monday, November 07, 2005

I am forwarding this message in the hopes that you are in Albany or can forward to someone who is. In Glens Falls, election day will be a bad joke; two terrible machine candidates running against a fake independent and a real one with no chance. We obviously need to nurture and foster the growth of a progressive movement that will allow for a principled run like that of Alice Green (in Albany). It is unfortunate that we do not currently have a mayoral candidate worth voting for but lets all celebrate the fact that Albany does! Lets pass this message along and hope that they can succeed where we have failed.


There are many reasons to vote for Alice Green for Mayor on Tuesday. (Her name will be on the far right side of the ballot, Row 7, Column F).

You can vote to send a message to Jerry Jennings. That you support Charter Reform to give the City Council and citizens more say in our local government. That you are tired of Jennings' autocratic style of government, where it is Jerry's way or the highway. That you are worried about the City's finances, a house of cards built on selling space at the city's landfill that is under a DEC order to close,В while playing games with the City's Water Authority to hide the city's growing deficit. That you are tired of Jennings breaking his promises to expand the Pine Bush preserve. That you oppose a Mayor who is so scared of public input and scrutiny that he refuses to participate in any debates.

That you are tired of an Albany where many poor African-American neighborhoods are neglected by the Jennings administration, with hundreds of abandoned homes, where the police use racial profiling and over arrest young black males, where children suffer from poverty and neglect, where joblessness is endemic, where people are afraid to leave their homes at night.

Best of all, you can vote for Alice because you want her to be the next mayor.

You can vote for Alice on the Green Party line (7F) because you support Alice's program to put families first. That you support more emphasis on improving city services, not building more office space and a $200 million convention center for a downtown that is often a ghost town after work hours. That you want to "Green" the city of Albany, increasing open space and parks, a more aggressive program to remove lead paint from old homes, phase-out the use of pesticides,В to expand recycling and composting, and to take action to improve local air quality. That you want to improve mass transit and make it easier and safer to ride a bicycle.

Vote for Alice because you want a Mayor who will work cooperatively with the School Board to improve the education of our children. Vote for Alice because you want a Mayor who will give neighborhood residents a seat at the table in developing city programs, and who supports community input and cooperation with our criminal justice system. Vote for Alice because she will work to get Albany its fair share of tax revenue from the 66,000 workers who come to Albany each day.

You can vote for Alice since she was endorsed by NYS National Organization for Women, the civil rights group Fannie Lou Hamer PAC, and Metroland. Even the Times Union acknowledges that the only candidate in the Mayor's race that talked the truth about the problems facing the city and proposed comprehensive, creative solutions was Alice Green.

You can see Alice Green's program at

Please tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers to vote for Alice on the Green line, 7F, on the far right side of the ballot, this Tuesday. Please call 482-0952 if you need a ride to the polls.


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