Sunday, March 26, 2006

Aaron Russo: From Freedom to Fascism

I went to an advance screening of Aaron Russo's film, "America: From Freedom To Fascism", yesterday with my family at Adirondack Community College (the very same "institute of higher learning" that UN-invited me from representing Ralph Nader in a presidential proxy debate that I helped to organize - an excellent example of how the bastards really work). Check out the film's trailer (the first website listed). It was really well put-together and will speak its message well to, I think, a huge variety of audiences.

To say the least, there are certainly some areas where the average Libertarian and I have significant disagreement, but Russo's film is very simply a damning look at the encroachment of governmental and corporate powers. We can all agree that these are steadily dissolving our rights and freedoms and that this MUST, ultimately, result in a fascist state. On that issue, we are in MAJOR agreement. The film speaks to us less from a pulpit or lectern. Russo simply wants to know WHY? The whores in the corporate media would do well to follow his example. Where is the law that says Americans HAVE to file or pay income tax? Where is it? Pamela Brooks wrote a nice story about the showing of the film but will the Post-Star have her do a special story on the IRS and its tyrannical and illegal behavior? Will she be told to interview IRS officials and do a follow-up on their side of the story? Please don't hold your breath - I wouldn't want anyone to asphyxiate. ;-)

Much kudos to Bob Schultz, the local tax/constitutional activist and one of Russo's primary inspirations for the film. Mr. Schultz is the founder of "We The People Foundation". His courage and tenacity in taking on the evil that seeks to destroy our freedoms and the country that we all love makes him a good American by any measure. Bringing this film here and getting the Fascist Daily (or the ComPost-Star by which name I prefer to call them) to report on it and help get people out to see it is a major coup. After all, remember when Ralph Nader came to the area, IN PERSON, to talk about many of these same issues that Greens and Libertarians and Conservatives and independents and other smart people know are important, LeeAnn Womack got WAY better coverage.

Russo intends to go to Cannes with his film and then to attempt theatrical release. The film will need some help getting distributed, to say the least. Mr. Schultz says that you can sign up to aid in that cause ($5 to $50,000 dollars) by contacting Russo or Schultz through the website's. I've already signed up and urge you to do so as well. We'll also show the film at the cafe as soon as it is legally available for that purpose. I urge you to check out the trailer.



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