Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally, A REAL Newspaper Covers McCourt

Well, looky here .... Apparently, the Legislative Gazette sees a guy running for governor of the state its readership lives in and ... runs a story on it as if it were ... important to its readership! They did a story Monday on Malachy McCourt running as a Green for NYS governor.
The fascists at our local daily "paper" still refuse to even let this information see the light of day.

Interesting that such a tiny little paper like the Gazette without a huge staff and monstrous ad revenue, somehow managed to piece together this story by phoning the campaign manager and getting information off the web. They weren't even granted an exclusive interview with Mr. McCourt (this is apparently the type of access the Fascist Daily needs to even cover the announcement).

Very strange. Now, why would the Gazette have an interest in covering third party candidates and campaigns in our sleepy little state? Our friends at the Daily Fascist don't ever give third parties coverage. I guess that's the difference between a "real" newspaper and an advertising mechanism masquerading as one.

Two Green Party candidates enter statewide races
Legislative Gazette Staff WriterMon, Apr 24, 2006

It's not easy being green these days. Or at least not as easy as it once was. Green Party candidate Stanley Aronowitz's 2002 gubernatorial bid failed to garner the 50,000 votes necessary to maintain the party's official ballot status, which was first achieved in 1998 by celebrity-activist Al "Grandpa" Lewis.

Current Green Party candidates are faced with the daunting task of collecting the signatures of 15,000 registered voters in order to get them on the ballot this fall.Nevertheless, last week saw the entry of two Green Party candidates into statewide races, as Malachy McCourt tossed his hat into the ring that is the governor's race, while Rachel Treichler declared her candidacy for attorney general.

Treichler, a resident of Hammondsport in Steuben County, cited what she called "numerous impediments to voting" as one of the reasons for her entry into the race. She said having Election Day be a workday and not allowing citizens to register to vote on Election Day are deterrents to the process of electing public officials.Treichler is also calling for the use of hand-counted paper ballots, which she said is the safest and most cost-efficient method of tallying vote totals.Treichler, who ran in 2002 for the House of Representatives seat from the 29th District, also said she wants to see more public forums for candidates to debate issues with citizens present and wants to do away with current methods employed in drawing legislative districts. "We need elected officials who are not beholden to the two major parties and the interests they represent," Treichler said."We need to make sure that our rights to vote and our rights to free and fair elections are protected."

Meanwhile McCourt, a writer and actor, was expected to formally announce his candidacy at a Sunday Long Island news conference, but has created a "listen line" at 646-213-1870, where his recorded voice cheerfully greets callers with his campaign slogan, "Don't waste your vote. Give it to me."McCourt goes on to say, "We will stand in principle while the others have to run, lest they be found out," before concluding "Green Party all the way."

McCourt, who has collaborated on three books with his brother Frank McCourt, of "Angela's Ashes" fame, currently writes a newspaper column titled "Sez I to Myself" running in three Manhattan newspapers. Maria Kuriloff, McCourt's campaign manager, said she is confident McCourt will easily make it on to the ballot this fall and thinks he will receive more votes than Lewis received in 1998.There are currently 36,141 registered Green Party voters in New York, according to the state board of elections."There's been an exciting reaction to this candidacy throughout the United States. We've even got support from Romania," Kuriloff said.

Jeff Peress is also seeking to be the Green nominee for governor this fall, but McCourt could have a leg up with his campaign treasurer being the wife of state Green Party Co-Chair Ian Wilder. "Mr. McCourt has a leg up," Kuriloff said, "but it's not because Mr.Wilder's wife is his treasurer.""Jeff Peress has no support." The Green Party nominating convention is scheduled for May 20 in Albany.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day 31: GF Daily Fascist Asks Readers What They Think

Our "local" corporate paper is being so badly mismanaged that it isn't even telling us all the candidtes who are running for office. Scratch that! Maybe its the opposite. Maybe it's being so WELL managed that they're not even telling us who's running for office! Those who understand that the TRUE purpose of corporate media is to ignore third-parties, divert the public's attention away from real issues and destroy democracy need read no further. Our dear little local paper is doing a great job!

While we all occasionally see a reader's poll that we think is cool, we need to remember that they are usually just not-so-subtle ways to refocis our attention. The Glens Falls Daily Fascist Reader's poll this week is a good example. They ask a stupid question but its an excellent example of how these fascist media types try to re-inforce the idea that no-one else is running for office except the two corporate candidates (in much the same way that printing three of four stories a day on the two corporate candidates re-inforces that idea, as well).

The poll asks:

Is the spirited campaign between John Sweeney and Kirsten Gillibrand likely to affect you in the fall?

We are expected to answer; a) I’m more likely to vote, b) I’m less likely to vote, c) It won’t affect whether I vote or not, or d) When does football start?

Ha. Ha. Ha. Wow, thats funny. Now, what is this "spirited campaign" they refer to? Surely, they aren't referring to the, thus far, unbelievably
boring, careful, money-driven, baseless, passionless, issueless, political campaign that these two tired corporate proles are "waging"? They must mean the almost daily, two-party, advertising campaign that the paper itself has mounted for these two fascist, non-representative, non-populist, corporate candidates often accompanied by photos and backstories - that must be the campaign they're talking about!

The Daily Fascist is again pretending to cover the story (in this case, the political races that effect their readership) when all they are really doing is regurgitating the PR that flows freely (like sewage) from these two campaigns.

Doug Walters would like to provide the Democrats with another choice in Congressional District 20 besides Kirsten "Hillary Jr." Gillibrand but he has yet to be mentioned once in the Post-Star.

Sander Hicks, a NYC coffeehouse-owner, filmmaker and publisher is running against Schumer for US Senate. Where is his story?

Malachy McCourt announced his intent to run for NYS governor on the Green ticket over 31 days ago and he has still yet to be mentioned even once in our joke of a newspaper. One reporter has even asked me to arrange an interview for him with Mr. McCourt! I find it hard to believe that the Post-Star expects a daily interview with Weeney or Gilligan each day before cutting and pasting their latest he said/she said bullshit advertisement in the "paper"?

The Post-Star has always had plenty of hype and pap about George Pataki and I have yet to see the "Maury Interview" with Elmer (George's real name). Why should Mr. McCourt (a far, far more accomplished human being than Elmer by almost any reasonable measure) have to suffer through a bullshit interview with some podunk reporter who will withhold coverage unless he yields?

Malachy McCourt has a campaign manager and a website which lists press info, contacts, releases and some platform information (certainly far more than any other candidate has thrown out there, as of yet). He will be appearing at the NYS Green Party convention later this month (May 20th) to express his reasons for running and reveal some of his agenda and platform. I wonder what excuses the Fascist Daily will use to explain their lack of coverage on the upcoming convention?

Many people who work in media tell me that the general lack of third party coverage is due to the fact that reporters are lazy and/or overworked and will, therefore, basically print anything sent to them by these PR idiots to avoid having to do more work. This may well be true if you are a two-party candidate (see the Post-Star's 8 million stories on Weeney/Gillibrand already) but let me say that it is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE if you are a third-party or independent candidate. You have to kill someone or fight tooth and nail for just one small story without pictures, very time. If these candidtes are sick, the headlines would read, "Sweeney Blows Nose: Gillibrand Hocks a Lugey".

These internal arguments about why are just rationalizations to make the press feel better about their own complicity in the destruction of our democracy. In truth, the real reason why third-party candidates are not covered by the corporate press is that it is owned and run by fascist scum. Corporate interests rule! They can and do manipulate the masses by regularly offering up only two puppets running, both controlled by the same masters. They never tell us about the real candidates (the ones "sans strings"). The press is complicit and the lie that they are just ignoring third parties out of laziness or status quo reporting is just that ... a lie. We have to be angry and fully aware that this lack of coverage is purposeful and systemic.

The average American does not do anything about this and is not really upset about it. Thats what many corporate media apologist-types say;
"The people don't really care to know about the other candidates. Its such a small percentage of the population who care about third parties". If thats really true, then why is almost 40% of Warren County NOT registered two-party? That sounds like a frickin' majority to me! Are we really going to sit idly by while the whorish corporate media continues to destroy our democratic process? History says that, YES, we will. I hope that, in this case, history is wrong.

As Aaron Russo said (in his recent film on illegal taxation - From Freedom to Fascism), "Stop being good Democrats. Stop being good Republicans. Start being good Americans!"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 27: No Local Coverage of Third Party Candidates

The Post-Star had THREE unbelievably inane stories in today's paper about the Weeney versus Gilligan race in our Congressional District 20. Count them ..... THREE! They ran pretty pictures and advertised for the two-party candidates for free. Good work, Post-Star! Way to ensure the continued success of the two-party system!

There was, conversely, NOT A SINGLE SPECK of coverage about Doug Walters (a REAL Democrat seeking support to run in place of the corporate lawyer and yes-woman, Kirsten Gillibrand). There was also NARY A MENTION of Malachy McCourt running for Governor.

I think we should rename the "local' paper, switching it to a more honest or demonstrative name like, Oh I don't know .... maybe ... "The Fascist Daily". They couldn't be more biased and corporate so they might as well just wear it on their sleeve. Think of the new masthead; A banner trailing behind a cartoonish Adolf Hitler as he goose-steps across the front page towards the new American police state. The banner reads; The Glens Falls Daily Fascist - One of Thousands of Small Corporate-Owned, Mass-Produced, Advertising Journals Masquerading as News, Whose Sole Purpose Is To Limit Choice Ensuring That The Corporate Elite And The Ruling Class Remain Firmly In Power. Sure, its kinda long but its also kinda catchy, don'tcha think?

Of course, it is in the best interests of Lee Enterprises that a corporate whore from one of the two major parties be elected to every office, so why would they give third parties any press? Obviously, Lee Enterprises has given our fine, hard-working friends at the Post-Star no choice about this. They must be watching over their shoulders every second to ensure that the "No Third Party Rule" is being observed every minute. What spectacular journalism! What great honesty and pride in their work! Hip, Hip, Hooray! ;-)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Corporate Media & What They'll Never Tell Us in CD20

Three great articles on third-parties and their candidates.

Number One - An email from Doug Walters (Doug is seeking the Dem nod for Congress in our Congressional District). He is asking that
Dems use some common sense and see Kirsten Gillibrand for who she really is and not throw their vote away on her but vote for him instead.

Two - An AP story about Peace activist, Michael Berg (you'll remember that Nicholas Berg, his son, was beheaded in Iraq). He is running for Congress in the state of Delaware as a Green.

Three - "Gonzo" journalist, Maury Thompson, reports in his ground-breaking column, "News From the Campaign Trail", even more inane
financial information about the two fascists running in CD 20 but somehow manages to leave out any news about McCourt, Walters or Berg! Especially with Berg, what is the Post-Star so afraid of? I mean, its not like any of their readers live in Delaware and would vote for Berg! Is their corporate ownership really so mean that they would still spank them if they ran a puff piece on this guy? I can understand their non-reporting on McCourt and Walters. I mean those guys are actually
running in THIS state. If the Post-Star reported on them, people might know that they're running and take action; petitioning, helping out the campaigns, voting third party, etcetera! That's very frightening, to think about, of course. We can't have that ... but where's the danger in telling us about Berg? ;-)

This is an email circulated by Doug Walters, who is seeking to run as a Democrat against sweeney. A lot of the "progressive democrats" types have been pushing Gillibrand hard to run for Sweeney, because Clinton supports her and she can raise money through her corporate and old-time Albany machine / Pataki lobbying connections. So far she has raised around $750,000.This is his response:

Several of you have written to Cynthia Pooler expressing your support for Kirsten Gillibrand. Some of you also expressed some pique at the idea of an upstart from downstate daring to challenge her candidacy. This was sufficiently thought-provoking for me to decide to offer a response. To the one who suggested that I should "stop whining" and should have started running "two years ago," I hope to reassure you that "whining" is not one of my character flaws.

As for running two years ago, I was a full-time felony investigator for the New York City Dept. of Probation until a few months ago. Running for political office was not only not in my mind, it was not possible.By way of introduction, I will say only that I have been a political activist for progressive causes since I began opposing the Viet Nam War in 1965. I volunteered for Eugene McCarthy in 1968. I consider George McGovern and Walter Mondale the two best presidents we never had. I spent my entire professional career as a social worker and a law enforcement officer. I was a union activist throughout my career. I supported Ken McCallion, Frank Stoppenbach, and Doris Kelley when few others were willing to do so.

Like all of you, I have wanted to send a progressive Democrat to Congress for a long time, no more thinking of myself than you were. I made the decision to run for the nomination on Feb. 1, 2006, immediately AFTER seeing and hearing Ms.Gillibrand make her formal announcement, and I urge you to consider the implications of that. Her speech was notable for lacking any coherent statement of convictions or memorable ideas--except for her statement about Iraq, which John Sweeney could have endorsed without reservation. There wasn't even a vague statement about the environment. This does not fit with any notion of a progressive Democrat. I felt confirmed in my decision by her remarks at the candidates' forum in Dutchess County on April 8th, where she continued to say that our troops are "protecting our freedom" in Iraq and "protecting Iraqis' right to a democracy," words which nobody in the room believed. Why is a "progressive" Democrat saying this?

Even more importantly, I heard all six Democrats running in the 19th Dist. speak in the afternoon. Ms.Gillibrand did not stay for this, but she should have. All six of them made excellent statements, forthright and passionate responses to questions, and presented themselves as credible candidates, unafraid to speak honestly in accord with their convictions. I think it significant that many of them have a background in public service and none of them is a corporate lawyer. The point is that Ms. Gillibrand was the only candidate there who came across as a pre-packaged media candidate making calculated statements in the hope of not affecting anyone's digestion.

I urge you to at least stop and think before subscribing to her candidacy. Which one of us does not ask, " If this is the best government money can buy, shouldn't we find a new way of choosing a government?" So why are we so eager to embrace a candidate just because she shows up with a lot of money {Where does it come from? Why was it given to her? You need to know.} and the endorsement of party insiders with a documented history of losing elections? Isn't it true that there is an inverse relationship between big money and good government? What is our goal here? Several of you have made statements to the effect that you support Gillibrand because you believe she "will be the candidate" {i.e., you are impressed by the money} and you "hope she will get better." { How so, when she has been planning this for over two years?} Others have said, "We know the system is broken but until it gets fixed, this is the best we can do," so let's all get behind Gillibrand. I have a little trouble following the logic here. Just WHO is going to "fix the system" if WE keep nominating candidates who are part and parcel of the system, and are beholden to big money instead of to the people and their needs?

Give me a break, friends. I was a criminal investigator. I know how to ask tough questions, and I know how to spot evasive answers. Sure, I'm an idealist, but I wasn't born yesterday. You are also saying, "This is a conservative district" so even though we "know she isn't just what we would like," we have to settle for second best because anybody is better than Sweeney. Is this the progessive vision that can change Congress? Is this the kind of hope that will inspire Democrats to make the effort necessary to win?In the year 2006, people want hope for a real change, not a cosmetic one. Voters respond to message, not money. I have yet to hear a real person say that Democrats should nominate a "centrist"
{Republican} and that will solve all our problems. Let's do the arithmetic.

To win the 20th, we need to win all the Democatic votes, a big majority of the No Party votes, and the disaffected Republican votes. Where do you see any spark in the Gillibrand campaign that has a hope of achieving this? Several months ago Maureen Dowd wrote a column in which she said that "Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry cannot lead the Democratic Party to victory." I have supported all those people, and voted for the last three, but Dowd is right, and we need to wake up to the truth. The same old tip-toeing around the real issues is just stumbling in the dark on the way to another defeat. 2006 is absolutely critical for our country, and for our world, given the lunatics and criminals who are running the show. 2008 will be much too late.

Ask yourself whether Congress does not already have more than enough millionaires and corporate lawyers in it. That's not being harsh, that's reality, and everybody else will be asking it. If I'm not the right candidate, fine, find another one. I would love to stay home and enjoy my retirement. But remember this: 99% of the people in this district don't know ANY of the candidates yet {except Sweeney} and they are not going to be motivated by vapid speeches and slick tv ads about nothing. I'm not afraid to say that it is just as obscene for Democrats to throw a million dollars down the drain of a meaningless media campaign as it is for Sweeney to do it. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to settle for a weak candidate who is not going to be made strong by all the professional consultants money can buy.

Even in the unlikely event that Gillibrand could defeat Sweeney, you know as well as I do that she is not somebody who will stand up to the White House or the party hierarchy or the special interests, and work to change Congress in the way it desperately needs to be changed. She is not one who is going to keep us out of Iran when the real crunch comes. She is politics as usual with a slightly different marketing spin.Give us a Barbara Boxer, a Patty Murray, or a Nydia Velasquez, and I'll work like a sled dog for her----but don't give me this! Thanks for your time. I will look forward to meeting you in person. Doug Walters _____________________________________________________________________________________

Father of Pa. man beheaded in Iraq seeks House seat in Delaware
The Associated Press

WILMINGTON, Del. - Unlike other candidates who have dared to take on Delaware's popular Republican congressman in recent elections, Michael Berg shouldn't have a problem with name recognition.Since he spoke out two years ago about the death of his son Nick, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania contractor kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic militants in Iraq, Berg has been interviewed, marched in anti-war protests and given speeches around the globe.He's also been arrested about a half-dozen times for civil disobedience, most recently at the Pentagon while trying to get an audience with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

The same ready-to-protest wear that he dons for demonstrations is part of his everyday appearance as he campaigns for Congress on the Green Party ticket: jeans, anti-war T-shirt and sandals."If I don't get sworn-in in my T-shirt and jeans, then I've been lying to people," said Berg, 61, an outspoken peace activist who is the only candidate for the Green Party's formal endorsement at its May convention. "I don't see the suit as the symbol of something I want to emulate."Delaware's Green Party, which boasts about 600 members in an electorate of more than 547,000 registered voters, has never won a campaign. Berg has never run for office. The incumbent, Republican Michael Castle, is the longest-serving U.S. House member in state history. Berg has raised a few thousand dollars; Castle has more than $1 million in his treasury.

But Berg is undaunted."I'm not a politician; I'm a school teacher," said Berg, who retired from teaching in 2002. "It's hard. It's emotionally exhausting. ... There are times when it's really hard to do it, but I'm committed to it."If everyone votes for what they really believe, that's all I ask," he added.What Berg believes is that Americans now understand that President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq was wrong, and that Castle and other lawmakers who supported the war effort also are to blame."This midterm election is really a referendum on the war, it's a referendum on the Bush policies," said Berg, who believes the most urgent task facing the nation is to end U.S. military involvement in Iraq and bring the troops home. Berg said he had no notion of running for office when he moved to Delaware last spring. He just wanted to downsize from the four-bedroom house in Chester County, Pa., where he and his wife were besieged by media after their son's death, and transition to a more urban setting. Since taking up residence in Delaware, Suzanne Berg has guarded her privacy and has not appeared at her husband's campaign events. "We respect her privacy," said Berg's campaign manager, John Atkeison.

Berg switched his affiliation from Democrat to independent in 1992, fed up with what he calls front-loaded presidential primaries that left many voters out of the decision-making process. He registered with the Green Party after moving to Delaware, and party officials approached him late last summer about running."Some might whisper 'carpetbagger,' since he just came into the state in May," said Samuel Hoff, a political science professor at Delaware State University in Dover. Dennis Spivack, a Wilmington attorney seeking the Democratic nomination, said simply that he understands Delaware better than Berg does."I don't see how you can come into a state and in just three to six months be truly representative," said Spivack, a Vietnam-era Navy veteran who agrees with Berg that the Iraq war was a mistake for which Castle bears part of the blame. Castle did not return telephone calls seeking comment.

Hoff gives Berg and Spivack little chance of winning but said general disillusionment with the Bush administration could reduce Castle's usually overwhelming margin by a few points."I think we have an interesting race which, on the face of it, looks like it's ganging up on Michael Castle in reference to the Iraq war," he said.Unlike his father, Nicholas Berg supported the Iraq war. The two didn't see eye-to-eye on many things, including religion and politics, but they respected each other's opinions. "He thought Saddam Hussein should be deposed, and that George Bush made a hard decision and a good one," said Michael Berg, who didn't try to dissuade his son from going to Iraq. "Bottom line is, I knew that I couldn't change his mind," he said.

Nicholas Berg traveled to Iraq late in 2003 and again in 2004, hoping to find work repairing radio towers. He was last seen on April 10, 2004, when he checked out of a Baghdad hotel. Berg's headless body was found a month later on a Baghdad street, and his killers posted a videotape of his slaying on the Internet.Berg is angry at Bush for the war and what happened to his son, but he tries not to let it control him."You can't go around telling people that you stand for peace when you have hatred and anger inside yourself," said Berg, who came away with life-changing insights after taking a course in forgiveness at Immaculata University in Pennsylvania last year."It was the first leap of faith I think I've ever taken in my life," said Berg, who had been an atheist. "I couldn't say 'forgiveness.' It was too Christian, too religious an idea for me.

"While continuing his search for a belief in God, Berg energizes himself with daily bike rides and a vegan diet while tending to his affairs, which include volunteering, protesting, writing a book and campaigning."I think this is the year for third-party candidates to win," he said, "and among all the third-party people out there, I think I stand a really good chance."

John Atkeison - Campaign Manager, Berg for Congress Michael Berg was thrust into the role of prominent spokesperson for the peace movement when his son Nick was abducted and killed on May 7, 2004 in retaliation for the torture of Iraquis in Abu Ghraib prison. When Mr. Berg emerged from his initial mourning, he became famous with one phrase he uttered to the press:Nicholas Berg died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

Finance reports: Bloomberg contributes to Sweeney's campaign: FEC filings out in 20th Congressional District race
Published on 4/20/2006
News From the Campaign TrailTHE POST-STAR

Democratic congressional candidate Kirsten Gillibrand has continued to rake in campaign cash from the New York City area, while incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. John Sweeney picked up a large contribution from the city's mayor, new campaign finance reports show. Gillibrand, a lawyer from Hudson, raised $341,099 in contributions during the first three months of the year and spent $95,614 on her campaign, leaving a balance of $511,259 in her campaign fund as of March 31, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Committee over the weekend. More than half of her itemized contributors listed addresses in the New York City area. The campaign received many small donations from within the 20th District that were not itemized, said Gillibrand's campaign manager, Bill Hyers. Sweeney, of Clifton Park, raised $392,936 over the same period and spent $132,850, leaving a balance of $961,819 as of March 31. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg contributed $4,200 to Sweeney's campaign; and a political action committee headed by U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, and a potential 2008 presidential candidate, contributed $2,500, according to Sweeney's campaign finance report. The National Thoroughbred Racing Association contributed $5,000 on March 20, in addition to $5,000 contributed previously in this election cycle. Sweeney received contributions from two developers with proposed projects in downtown Glens Falls. Anthony Audi, one of three partners in a proposed hotel development across from the Glens Falls Civic Center, contributed $1,000, and Lindel Wishcamper, a principal in a firm that has proposed redeveloping the Henry Hudson Townhouses complex, contributed $500. Gillibrand received support from several prominent Democratic politicians, including $2,500 from a political action committee headed by U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and $500 from a political action committee headed by U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisc. Former state Democratic Chairwoman Judith Hope contributed $1,000, and Democratic state Attorney General candidate Andrew Cuomo contributed $1,000. Edwin Pell, another Democratic candidate in the 20th District, reported raising $1,220 and spending $309, leaving a balance of $911 as of March 32. Complete campaign finance reports for candidates can be accessed here for John Sweeney and here for Kirsten Gillibrand.
Article ID No. 219290

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Malachy McCourt Announces Candidacy for NYS Governor

Malachy McCourt is running for NYS Governor! Did you know that? You haven't heard yet? Well ... How is that even possible? I mean, he announced well over three weeks ago! Didn't your local news source tell you? They didn't? Wow, they really dropped the ball on this "local" news story, didn't they!?

Well, I suppose you could learn more about Mr. McCourt right now by reading the River Reporter story pasted below. For some strange reason, they wrote and posted the story pretty much right after the
announcement happened instead of waiting three weeks like their corporate competition. What a bunch of weirdos, huh? You could also look at today's AP story pasted below.

However, I have a feeling that if you wait until tomorrow, your local corporate news media, in an effort to appear non-fascist and unbiased, will paste this same story into tomorrow's "paper". ;-)

Remember, its not so much the lies and errors and agenda that make up what we can call true media bias. Instead, it is what is left out
completely or totally buried that is usually of vital significance. Can anyone say "corporate two-party bias"?

From: The River Reporter Narrowsburg, NY March 30th

Author and New York State gubernatorial candidate Malachy McCourt holds court in Narrowsburg

NARROWSBURG, NY — Malachy McCourt delighted an overflow crowd on Sunday, March 26 at the Delaware Valley Arts Center. Announcing his candidacy for New York governor on the Green Party ticket, he spoke for over an hour about his childhood in Ireland, the state of the world, the state of religion and a variety of other subjects. President Bush and the war in Iraq were frequent targets of his musings.

McCourt is best known today as the author of a number of books, including “Voices of Ireland.” But he also had a career as an actor in television and movies, with roles in many productions including “The Molly Maguires” and “The Dane Curse.” He also was a radio talk show host in New York City.

Apr 18, 12:08 PM EDT

Author McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor

By MICHAEL GORMLEY Associated Press Writer

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Malachy McCourt, a writer, actor and brother of the author of "Angela's Ashes," says he plans to seek the Green Party nomination for governor of New York to end nuclear energy programs and revoke the death penalty.

"It is quite clear in the Bible 'Thou Shalt Not Kill,'" McCourt, well-known in New York City progressive politics, said in a news release. McCourt plans to officially announce his candidacy Sunday. He was out of the country Tuesday and didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

McCourt has appeared on public radio and numerous TV talk shows. His latest of eight books is "I Never Drink When I'm Sober," and he writes a newspaper column called "Sez I to Myself."

He also has acted in soap operas, in films including "The Molly Maguires," "She's the One," "The Devil's Own," and "Green Card," and in the HBO prison series "Oz." His brother Frank McCourt wrote the best seller "Angela's Ashes."

A Green Party spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

Candidates seeking the job being vacated by Republican Gov. George Pataki this year are Democrats Eliot Spitzer and Tom Suozzi and Republicans John Faso and Bill Weld.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Neo-Fascist Scum Debate Freedom Removals

Today, Maury Thompson had a piece in the Post-Star about Chuckie (the Warmonger) Schumer's position on border-crossing and ID cards (pasted below). For those of us who see permanent (or temporary) road blocks as unconstitutional and national ID cards as tools of a police state, the news could not be worse. I feel that I have reason, like the frog, to think that the "water is getting a little too warm". It is AMAZING to watch both democrat AND republican elected officials trip all over themselves trying to outdo each other in removing the constitutional rights of American citizens. Thank you, Maury, for writing this story and thank you Post-Star for printing it.

Thanks are also due to our pro-war, pro-fascist, non-partisan representatives. People like Chuckie and Billary and Weeney and all the others who play at pretending to debate each other over which type of removal of our constitutional rights is the best option! What a bunch of swell guys (and gals) you really are! Perhaps Sam Kinison said it best, "I hope you slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood!"

I hope its obvious to you in reading this that I say the "gas truck" thing tongue in cheek. Of course, I wouldn't really want that to happen to anyone - even these fascist scum who are responsible for the murder and maiming of tens of thousands of Iraqis and American soldiers.


Schumer Proposes Border Passes
Senator: 'Day pass would allow for spontaneous travel'
Published on 4/5/2006

U.S. citizens could obtain free re-entry passes at the U.S.-Canadian border that would permit them to spend up to 24 hours in Canada and come back into the United States without showing a passport, under legislation proposed by U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer. "This day pass would allow for spontaneous travel so people in western and northern New York can continue to take advantage of services, shops and work on the other side of the border," Schumer said in a press release. The day pass also would be available for travel to Mexico, the Caribbean and Panama.

To obtain the pass, people would have to apply at any border crossing site and certify there was not enough time to obtain a passport. The legislation -- co-sponsored by U.S. Sens. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Bryon Dorgan, D-N.D. -- also would limit fees to $20 to obtain permanent alternative border crossing cards. The Department of Homeland Security has proposed charging $50 for the cards, which would allow recipients to cross the border without a passport. The permanent border crossing cards would take four to six weeks to process.
The legislation also would exempt U.S. citizens younger than 18 from a proposed passport requirement, as long as they are traveling with a parent or guardian.

Schumer and other federal and state legislators have been debating a proposed federal rule that would require U.S. citizens traveling to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean and Panama to have passports to re-enter the country. Citizens of those countries also would be required to have a passport to visit the United States. Currently, those entering the country need only show a driver's license or other government-issued photo identification to cross the border into the United States.

The passport requirement was intended to strengthen border security, but local government officials and business leaders have said it would discourage cross-border commerce and tourism. Schumer's proposal "appears to be moving in the right direction," U.S. Rep. John Sweeney, R-Clifton Park, said in a prepared statement. A free pass valid for a longer period of time -- such as 48 or 72 hours -- may be more practical, he said.

Schumer's proposal would be an improvement over the initial passport requirement, but would still cause delays for people waiting at a border crossing to receive a day pass, said state Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, R-Willsboro. Sayward said the federal government should require that states request the same identification for driver's license applications as what is necessary to obtain a passport. That way, she said, a driver's license or state identification card could be used as alternative identification to a passport when crossing the border.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Arrest Those Damn Bikers!

Wouldn't it be cool if our local media would write stories about things like this ... Cyclists being ticketed for ... gasp! ... get this! ... CYCLING! Geezum Crow! Where do these degenerates get the nerve to exhibit this kind of obscene behavior in our North Country?

Matt ;-)
Is It Even Legal To Cycle In Albany?

This evening about 35 bicyclers showed up for the monthly "Critical Mass" in Albany. Expecting to enjoy a ride with our friends, families and kids, we started biking down Madison. We made it, really, 50 feet before an Albany police officer stopped in front of us to halt the ride. [WHEN THERE ARE NO BIKE LANES, a biker has the right to take up an entire lane of traffic, so assumingly our 35 bicyclists may legally take up one lane as there is no bike lanes and it would be dangerous and illegal to ride on a sidewalk (obviously).]

Anyhow, the officer claimed that we cannot take up a lane of traffic as we ride on our bikes. As he flipped through a "rule book" it was apparent that he didn't know one way or the other. The officer claimed that we could discuss it with him and that no one may leave, or he would have to call for backup. (Thirty minutes of trying to reason with this person) Not really knowing what legal ground he had for stopping us from biking, he called for 2 cars for backup.

Several people left believing that this "discussion" was not going anywhere and more unreasoning and angry cops were on their way. The majority of us did then leave for the rest of our bikeride (10 minutes of frustrated biking over Lark and up Central Avenue in one, legal lane). We got the call that there was one confirmed ticket (for one person who presumably tried to reason with the police officer and took the brunt for the rest of us). Thank you!

Then, one police car did the same thing and stopped in our lane with lights a cirkus-like. As people biked past him, he picked one person on their bike and dragged them across the four lanes to the other side of the road (fortunately there happened to be no traffic passing!) Then, being among the few who passed the officer's nice-cop pleads of "C'mon guys, I wanna talk to you" we split up and went different ways. If anyone has any info on tickets/arrests and pictures, please post them.

Albany is BIKE-UNFRIENDLY. We have to do something about it! The cops want to flex their muscles but bicyclists are not breaking any laws!!!! We ARE traffic, it's time for the Albany police department to recognize that!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Its Our Policy Not To Allow People To Bash Businesses By Name

Dear ComPost-Star Staff and Gentle Readers,

Think what you will about those who would call themselves neutral or objective who run our local "paper". This tale is just way too revealing to not share it with you. Below, I've posted one of several letters to the editor that I wrote last summer. Our very own ComPost-Star refused to run it. It was sent in during the mayoral campaign and included a tagline about my mayoral preference. The "people" at the "paper" claimed that they could not print it because of its direct swipe (quite legitimate, I thought) at the (aptly named) Dick's Sporting Goods store and its faulty merchandise and return policy.

Today, though, they printed a letter that totally bashes a local business ... BY NAME! But, golly, journalistic folk, didn't you tell me that you couldn't print letters that did that? I thought you said it was against your POLICY to allow letter writers to bash businesses by name?

This leaves me with several different thoughts. Either, they are a bunch of liars who hate me ... OR ... They are a bunch of liars who hate Esmond Lyons (join the club) ... OR ... They are a bunch of liars who love Dick's and its ad revenue ... OR ... They're simply part of the Good Ol' Boy Network and they do whatever they're told by their bosses, including refusing to print letters that are pro-independent or third-party during any election they cover. I wonder which unethical reason they choose to rationalize their terrible and dishonest behavior?

Support Local Business!
Refused July 7th, 2005

Dear Editor:

Yesterday, my ten year-old son needed a new bat. Unfortunately, Dick’s was the only place that had the correct size. The $80 (!) bat dented twice during its first use. The ball was regulation and I’m pretty sure that John’s not on steroids!

I brought the bat and receipt back to Dick’s. The clerk said he couldn’t refund my money but would be happy to help me contact the manufacturer. “The manufacturer didn’t sell me the bat, your store did,” I said. He said, “It’s not my policy. It’s Dick’s.”

I am a local businessman. I coach both baseball and hockey. You can be sure that any future players of mine will hear the “Dick’s bat” story and get a list of all locally-owned, responsible, sports retailers from which they should buy their equipment.

This experience reminds me of why it is so important to vote November 8th for a mayor who actually understands the value of keeping things local! I hope that you will all consider voting for Esmond Lyons, a local mayoral candidate who supports small local businesses and farmers as an integral part of his platform.


Beware Of Local Towing Company
Printed April 1st, 2006

Dear Editor,

Beware if you park in the public city parking lot on Oakland Avenue, across from Finch. During Civic Center events someone has decided no parking is allowed there, but no one seems to know who it is.

I parked in that parking lot on Dec. 3, and when I returned my vehicle was gone. I called the police, they didn't know where my vehicle was. They suggested I call the Civic Center. I did, and they told me to call Essential Towing. They said they had my car, and it would be $100 to get it back. I went to their lot. My car had tickets and was not towed to a secured lot. Later I started asking questions and found out the towing rate allowed by city law is a maximum of $50. I called numerous places to express my concerns and to find out how Essential Towing could be allowed to do this. Once again, no one had an answer except for if I wanted my money back to take Essential Towing to court. In the Dec. 8 issue of The Post-Star under Glens Falls Board of Public Safety Meeting matters, it read: Essential Towing was dropped from towing by the city because of excessive tow fees.

Today, I was told that six more cars were towed in one evening from the same parking lot, again by Essential Towing, at $100 per tow. Can anyone tell me how they can keep getting away with this? Please don't get me wrong -- towing companies that come to your rescue when you need them perform a valuable service. The ones I have a problem with are the ones like Essential Towing who can take your car without permission and are also allowed to overcharge. These companies must be scrutinized.

South Glens Falls