Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 27: No Local Coverage of Third Party Candidates

The Post-Star had THREE unbelievably inane stories in today's paper about the Weeney versus Gilligan race in our Congressional District 20. Count them ..... THREE! They ran pretty pictures and advertised for the two-party candidates for free. Good work, Post-Star! Way to ensure the continued success of the two-party system!

There was, conversely, NOT A SINGLE SPECK of coverage about Doug Walters (a REAL Democrat seeking support to run in place of the corporate lawyer and yes-woman, Kirsten Gillibrand). There was also NARY A MENTION of Malachy McCourt running for Governor.

I think we should rename the "local' paper, switching it to a more honest or demonstrative name like, Oh I don't know .... maybe ... "The Fascist Daily". They couldn't be more biased and corporate so they might as well just wear it on their sleeve. Think of the new masthead; A banner trailing behind a cartoonish Adolf Hitler as he goose-steps across the front page towards the new American police state. The banner reads; The Glens Falls Daily Fascist - One of Thousands of Small Corporate-Owned, Mass-Produced, Advertising Journals Masquerading as News, Whose Sole Purpose Is To Limit Choice Ensuring That The Corporate Elite And The Ruling Class Remain Firmly In Power. Sure, its kinda long but its also kinda catchy, don'tcha think?

Of course, it is in the best interests of Lee Enterprises that a corporate whore from one of the two major parties be elected to every office, so why would they give third parties any press? Obviously, Lee Enterprises has given our fine, hard-working friends at the Post-Star no choice about this. They must be watching over their shoulders every second to ensure that the "No Third Party Rule" is being observed every minute. What spectacular journalism! What great honesty and pride in their work! Hip, Hip, Hooray! ;-)


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