Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day 31: GF Daily Fascist Asks Readers What They Think

Our "local" corporate paper is being so badly mismanaged that it isn't even telling us all the candidtes who are running for office. Scratch that! Maybe its the opposite. Maybe it's being so WELL managed that they're not even telling us who's running for office! Those who understand that the TRUE purpose of corporate media is to ignore third-parties, divert the public's attention away from real issues and destroy democracy need read no further. Our dear little local paper is doing a great job!

While we all occasionally see a reader's poll that we think is cool, we need to remember that they are usually just not-so-subtle ways to refocis our attention. The Glens Falls Daily Fascist Reader's poll this week is a good example. They ask a stupid question but its an excellent example of how these fascist media types try to re-inforce the idea that no-one else is running for office except the two corporate candidates (in much the same way that printing three of four stories a day on the two corporate candidates re-inforces that idea, as well).

The poll asks:

Is the spirited campaign between John Sweeney and Kirsten Gillibrand likely to affect you in the fall?

We are expected to answer; a) I’m more likely to vote, b) I’m less likely to vote, c) It won’t affect whether I vote or not, or d) When does football start?

Ha. Ha. Ha. Wow, thats funny. Now, what is this "spirited campaign" they refer to? Surely, they aren't referring to the, thus far, unbelievably
boring, careful, money-driven, baseless, passionless, issueless, political campaign that these two tired corporate proles are "waging"? They must mean the almost daily, two-party, advertising campaign that the paper itself has mounted for these two fascist, non-representative, non-populist, corporate candidates often accompanied by photos and backstories - that must be the campaign they're talking about!

The Daily Fascist is again pretending to cover the story (in this case, the political races that effect their readership) when all they are really doing is regurgitating the PR that flows freely (like sewage) from these two campaigns.

Doug Walters would like to provide the Democrats with another choice in Congressional District 20 besides Kirsten "Hillary Jr." Gillibrand but he has yet to be mentioned once in the Post-Star.

Sander Hicks, a NYC coffeehouse-owner, filmmaker and publisher is running against Schumer for US Senate. Where is his story?

Malachy McCourt announced his intent to run for NYS governor on the Green ticket over 31 days ago and he has still yet to be mentioned even once in our joke of a newspaper. One reporter has even asked me to arrange an interview for him with Mr. McCourt! I find it hard to believe that the Post-Star expects a daily interview with Weeney or Gilligan each day before cutting and pasting their latest he said/she said bullshit advertisement in the "paper"?

The Post-Star has always had plenty of hype and pap about George Pataki and I have yet to see the "Maury Interview" with Elmer (George's real name). Why should Mr. McCourt (a far, far more accomplished human being than Elmer by almost any reasonable measure) have to suffer through a bullshit interview with some podunk reporter who will withhold coverage unless he yields?

Malachy McCourt has a campaign manager and a website which lists press info, contacts, releases and some platform information (certainly far more than any other candidate has thrown out there, as of yet). He will be appearing at the NYS Green Party convention later this month (May 20th) to express his reasons for running and reveal some of his agenda and platform. I wonder what excuses the Fascist Daily will use to explain their lack of coverage on the upcoming convention?

Many people who work in media tell me that the general lack of third party coverage is due to the fact that reporters are lazy and/or overworked and will, therefore, basically print anything sent to them by these PR idiots to avoid having to do more work. This may well be true if you are a two-party candidate (see the Post-Star's 8 million stories on Weeney/Gillibrand already) but let me say that it is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE if you are a third-party or independent candidate. You have to kill someone or fight tooth and nail for just one small story without pictures, very time. If these candidtes are sick, the headlines would read, "Sweeney Blows Nose: Gillibrand Hocks a Lugey".

These internal arguments about why are just rationalizations to make the press feel better about their own complicity in the destruction of our democracy. In truth, the real reason why third-party candidates are not covered by the corporate press is that it is owned and run by fascist scum. Corporate interests rule! They can and do manipulate the masses by regularly offering up only two puppets running, both controlled by the same masters. They never tell us about the real candidates (the ones "sans strings"). The press is complicit and the lie that they are just ignoring third parties out of laziness or status quo reporting is just that ... a lie. We have to be angry and fully aware that this lack of coverage is purposeful and systemic.

The average American does not do anything about this and is not really upset about it. Thats what many corporate media apologist-types say;
"The people don't really care to know about the other candidates. Its such a small percentage of the population who care about third parties". If thats really true, then why is almost 40% of Warren County NOT registered two-party? That sounds like a frickin' majority to me! Are we really going to sit idly by while the whorish corporate media continues to destroy our democratic process? History says that, YES, we will. I hope that, in this case, history is wrong.

As Aaron Russo said (in his recent film on illegal taxation - From Freedom to Fascism), "Stop being good Democrats. Stop being good Republicans. Start being good Americans!"


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