Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally, A REAL Newspaper Covers McCourt

Well, looky here .... Apparently, the Legislative Gazette sees a guy running for governor of the state its readership lives in and ... runs a story on it as if it were ... important to its readership! They did a story Monday on Malachy McCourt running as a Green for NYS governor.
The fascists at our local daily "paper" still refuse to even let this information see the light of day.

Interesting that such a tiny little paper like the Gazette without a huge staff and monstrous ad revenue, somehow managed to piece together this story by phoning the campaign manager and getting information off the web. They weren't even granted an exclusive interview with Mr. McCourt (this is apparently the type of access the Fascist Daily needs to even cover the announcement).

Very strange. Now, why would the Gazette have an interest in covering third party candidates and campaigns in our sleepy little state? Our friends at the Daily Fascist don't ever give third parties coverage. I guess that's the difference between a "real" newspaper and an advertising mechanism masquerading as one.

Two Green Party candidates enter statewide races
Legislative Gazette Staff WriterMon, Apr 24, 2006

It's not easy being green these days. Or at least not as easy as it once was. Green Party candidate Stanley Aronowitz's 2002 gubernatorial bid failed to garner the 50,000 votes necessary to maintain the party's official ballot status, which was first achieved in 1998 by celebrity-activist Al "Grandpa" Lewis.

Current Green Party candidates are faced with the daunting task of collecting the signatures of 15,000 registered voters in order to get them on the ballot this fall.Nevertheless, last week saw the entry of two Green Party candidates into statewide races, as Malachy McCourt tossed his hat into the ring that is the governor's race, while Rachel Treichler declared her candidacy for attorney general.

Treichler, a resident of Hammondsport in Steuben County, cited what she called "numerous impediments to voting" as one of the reasons for her entry into the race. She said having Election Day be a workday and not allowing citizens to register to vote on Election Day are deterrents to the process of electing public officials.Treichler is also calling for the use of hand-counted paper ballots, which she said is the safest and most cost-efficient method of tallying vote totals.Treichler, who ran in 2002 for the House of Representatives seat from the 29th District, also said she wants to see more public forums for candidates to debate issues with citizens present and wants to do away with current methods employed in drawing legislative districts. "We need elected officials who are not beholden to the two major parties and the interests they represent," Treichler said."We need to make sure that our rights to vote and our rights to free and fair elections are protected."

Meanwhile McCourt, a writer and actor, was expected to formally announce his candidacy at a Sunday Long Island news conference, but has created a "listen line" at 646-213-1870, where his recorded voice cheerfully greets callers with his campaign slogan, "Don't waste your vote. Give it to me."McCourt goes on to say, "We will stand in principle while the others have to run, lest they be found out," before concluding "Green Party all the way."

McCourt, who has collaborated on three books with his brother Frank McCourt, of "Angela's Ashes" fame, currently writes a newspaper column titled "Sez I to Myself" running in three Manhattan newspapers. Maria Kuriloff, McCourt's campaign manager, said she is confident McCourt will easily make it on to the ballot this fall and thinks he will receive more votes than Lewis received in 1998.There are currently 36,141 registered Green Party voters in New York, according to the state board of elections."There's been an exciting reaction to this candidacy throughout the United States. We've even got support from Romania," Kuriloff said.

Jeff Peress is also seeking to be the Green nominee for governor this fall, but McCourt could have a leg up with his campaign treasurer being the wife of state Green Party Co-Chair Ian Wilder. "Mr. McCourt has a leg up," Kuriloff said, "but it's not because Mr.Wilder's wife is his treasurer.""Jeff Peress has no support." The Green Party nominating convention is scheduled for May 20 in Albany.


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