Saturday, April 01, 2006

Its Our Policy Not To Allow People To Bash Businesses By Name

Dear ComPost-Star Staff and Gentle Readers,

Think what you will about those who would call themselves neutral or objective who run our local "paper". This tale is just way too revealing to not share it with you. Below, I've posted one of several letters to the editor that I wrote last summer. Our very own ComPost-Star refused to run it. It was sent in during the mayoral campaign and included a tagline about my mayoral preference. The "people" at the "paper" claimed that they could not print it because of its direct swipe (quite legitimate, I thought) at the (aptly named) Dick's Sporting Goods store and its faulty merchandise and return policy.

Today, though, they printed a letter that totally bashes a local business ... BY NAME! But, golly, journalistic folk, didn't you tell me that you couldn't print letters that did that? I thought you said it was against your POLICY to allow letter writers to bash businesses by name?

This leaves me with several different thoughts. Either, they are a bunch of liars who hate me ... OR ... They are a bunch of liars who hate Esmond Lyons (join the club) ... OR ... They are a bunch of liars who love Dick's and its ad revenue ... OR ... They're simply part of the Good Ol' Boy Network and they do whatever they're told by their bosses, including refusing to print letters that are pro-independent or third-party during any election they cover. I wonder which unethical reason they choose to rationalize their terrible and dishonest behavior?

Support Local Business!
Refused July 7th, 2005

Dear Editor:

Yesterday, my ten year-old son needed a new bat. Unfortunately, Dick’s was the only place that had the correct size. The $80 (!) bat dented twice during its first use. The ball was regulation and I’m pretty sure that John’s not on steroids!

I brought the bat and receipt back to Dick’s. The clerk said he couldn’t refund my money but would be happy to help me contact the manufacturer. “The manufacturer didn’t sell me the bat, your store did,” I said. He said, “It’s not my policy. It’s Dick’s.”

I am a local businessman. I coach both baseball and hockey. You can be sure that any future players of mine will hear the “Dick’s bat” story and get a list of all locally-owned, responsible, sports retailers from which they should buy their equipment.

This experience reminds me of why it is so important to vote November 8th for a mayor who actually understands the value of keeping things local! I hope that you will all consider voting for Esmond Lyons, a local mayoral candidate who supports small local businesses and farmers as an integral part of his platform.


Beware Of Local Towing Company
Printed April 1st, 2006

Dear Editor,

Beware if you park in the public city parking lot on Oakland Avenue, across from Finch. During Civic Center events someone has decided no parking is allowed there, but no one seems to know who it is.

I parked in that parking lot on Dec. 3, and when I returned my vehicle was gone. I called the police, they didn't know where my vehicle was. They suggested I call the Civic Center. I did, and they told me to call Essential Towing. They said they had my car, and it would be $100 to get it back. I went to their lot. My car had tickets and was not towed to a secured lot. Later I started asking questions and found out the towing rate allowed by city law is a maximum of $50. I called numerous places to express my concerns and to find out how Essential Towing could be allowed to do this. Once again, no one had an answer except for if I wanted my money back to take Essential Towing to court. In the Dec. 8 issue of The Post-Star under Glens Falls Board of Public Safety Meeting matters, it read: Essential Towing was dropped from towing by the city because of excessive tow fees.

Today, I was told that six more cars were towed in one evening from the same parking lot, again by Essential Towing, at $100 per tow. Can anyone tell me how they can keep getting away with this? Please don't get me wrong -- towing companies that come to your rescue when you need them perform a valuable service. The ones I have a problem with are the ones like Essential Towing who can take your car without permission and are also allowed to overcharge. These companies must be scrutinized.

South Glens Falls


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