Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 41: The "Pro-War" Subverts Democracy, Too!

The Glens Falls Post-Star (or "The Pro-War" or "Fascist Daily" - take your pick) regularly manipulates the facts to ensure that its readership is left ignorant, but did you know that, aside from all their propagandistic wire-regurgitation, in their spare time, they also subvert our democracy?

It is Day 41 of the Pro-War's purposeful blackout of third-party candidates in NYS.

Jan. 1st through today, they have printed a lot of stories for two-party candidates. To be more specific,

Kirsten "Hillary" Gillibrand -
a fake corporate Democrat running for Congress in our district
99 stories

John Sweeney -
a real Drunk incumbent Republican (maybe) running against her
202 stories

Those running as third-party candidates have, thus far, been completely ignored. I wonder if they even believe in democracy?

Malachy McCourt -
a Green running for Governor of NYS
0 stories

Sander Hicks -
a Green running for US Senate in NYS
0 stories

Is Post-Star management just a bunch of frightened corporate proles or are they all enthusiastically goose stepping around with combs under their noses? You decide! ;-)



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