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Irish Governors, Ghouls and Beheadings

Given the Post-Star's stubborn insistence on only reporting on two-party candidates, it should be no surprise that they have, yet again, managed to "un"report on all the third-party and independent candidates who are running for US Senate and Governor (and Attorney General and Comptroller). When it comes to leaving out all the details that don't suit their corporate paymasters, the Post-Star is truly stellar! Following are two stories they apparently felt weren't newsworthy (as they have printed absolutely nothing about either).

The first story is from the Albany Times Union. Its about the NYS Green Party convention (held in Albany this past weekend). You may recognize the name Malachy McCourt. He wrote "A Monk Swimming" about his childhood in Ireland and about his coming of age in New York City. He is an author, an actor and a lifelong activist. He is also the brother of award-winning author Frank McCourt ("Angela's Ashes"). Mr. McCourt was given the official nod by State party officials to run for NYS Governor. He announced he was running about two months ago. Although I have reminded the Post-Star of this fact repeatedly over the last six weeks, its almost like they don't want you (or anyone else in their readership) to know about third parties or any other perceived threats to the two-party status quo. As such, they have simply withheld the information from you. Nice of them, huh? Can you say, "Propaganda"? Remember, its not just the lies they tell you and the bias with which they tell it, its actually what they DON'T tell you that matters most!

The second story is about a friend of mine, long-time Syracuse activist and organizer, Howie Hawkins. He is running for Hillary Clinton's seat in the Senate and was also just given the nod by his Green compatriots at the convention. He announced his intent over two weeks ago. Apparently, this news is also irrelevant to you as the Post-Star will tell you nothing about it, either.

I would suppose that the Post-Star's total lack of fairness and neutrality in this (as in all political races they've "reported" on) simply betrays their severe corporate, two-party bias. I guess its also possible that they just can't bring themselves to cut into that sexy 10 column inches a day they've been pissing away on their little love affair with the corporate, pro-war, John Sweeney (R) and his "opponent", the corporate, pro-war, Kirsten Gillibrand (D). God forbid we were to take ten seconds out from that B.S. and actually spend some time with candidates who actually care about (and understand) the issues! Thanks for protecting us from real information, Post-Star. Thanks for letting us know that Gillibrand and Sweeney are really good at fake-attacking each other. Thanks for reporting on it every single day! Your mothers must be so proud.

Its also obvious that the "Glens Falls Pro-War" has a blacklist set up for all pro-peace or pro-worker candidates, anywhere ... anytime! Do you remember Nicholas Berg? He's the American hostage who was beheaded on video, a truly terrible and gruesome event. The Post-Star should know. They ran, literally, dozens of stories on the beheading and the video. The victim's father, Michael Berg, is now running for Congress in Delaware. This news has been in the national papers and the indie press for some time. The "Pro-War"managed to talk endlessly about the beheading (ghouls) but when the murdered child's father decides to run for office acting on his grief and his passionate belief that this war is wrong, they say, "Oh, thats just not sexy enough for us. Where's the blood?" Good job, Post-Star! Nice censorship and lack of professionalism! Nice Fascism! Where can I get me some of that? ;-)


From: The Albany Times Union
Green Party selects writer Author Malachy McCourt to run for governor on anti-war platform
By MATT PACENZA, Staff writer
First published: Sunday, May 21, 2006

ALBANY -- The state Green Party picked a well-known author Saturday to run for governor and anchor its bid to regain the party's lost ballot line.Leaders expressed hope that a strong anti-war platform will attract 50,000 votes for Malachy McCourt: a commentator, actor and author best known for his memoir "A Monk Swimming," and for his even-more-famous brother, Frank. McCourt, 75, was chosen by about 60 members of the party's state committee at an all-day meeting Saturday on the University at Albany's uptown campus.

The party picked a full slate of candidates to run for statewide office. The list included labor activist Howie Hawkins as its candidate against Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Green Party lost its ballot line in 2002 after gubernatorial candidate Stanley Aronowitz failed to win the minimum 50,000 votes needed to maintain the party's official status. The party won a partial victory in court when a federal judge ruled that boards of elections must continue to allow people to enroll in minor parties.

But the party will have to collect 15,000 valid signatures for each candidate to get them on the ballot -- even before they try to get McCourt 50,000 votes in November. Party leaders said they're confident they'll get there. "2006 is going to be the year," said party co-chair Gloria Mattera. "You need a party in New York that will speak for people who need health care, good jobs and decent schools." The party's candidates -- which leaders are calling the "Peace Slate" -- also will tout the party's anti-war platform, which includes a call for the immediate pullout of all U.S. troops from Iraq.

Party leaders said they didn't even considering offering their gubernatorial ballot line to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer -- widely considered to share at least some of the progressive ideals that Greens embrace. Activists criticized Spitzer's stand on gay marriage, among other issues. The attorney general has said that same-sex ceremonies violate state law, but also has pledged that as governor he would introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. At the meeting Saturday, the Green Party also chose Rachel Treichler for attorney general, Julia Willenbrand for comptroller and Alison Duncan as its pick for lieutenant governor.
Matt Pacenza can be reached at 454-5533 or by e-mail at mpacenza@timesunion.com.

Hawkins for US SenateMedia Releasehttp://www.hawkinsforsenate.org/ May 20, 2006For More Information: Sally Kim, (518) 364-2968, green_sallyk@yahoo.com
Howie Hawkins 315-425-1019, hhawkins@igc.org

Hawkins Easily Wins Green Nomination for US Senate vs. Clinton
Malachy McCourt Wins Nomination for Governor
Peace, Global Warming, Health Care Top Green Election Agenda (Albany)

Longtime peace activist Howie Hawkins easily won the Green Party nomination Saturday afternoon to face Hillary Clinton in the race for Senate. The Green Party launched its effort to reclaim official ballot status in New York State by nominating author and Irish activist Malachy McCourt for Governor. McCourt, winning in a landslide, is widely viewed as having the name recognition and public support needed to get over the 50,000 votes need for Governor. Also nominated for statewide office was labor and lesbian activist Allison Duncan; attorney Rachel Treichler, a former Green Party Congressional candidate, for Attorney General; and, former New York City Mayoral candidate Julia Willebrand for Comptroller.

Hawkins will challenge Clinton over the war in Iraq. The Greens support bringing the troops home immediately and believe that President Bush should be impeached for lying to the country about the reasons for the illegal invasion. "We have to stop going to war for oil," stated Hawkins. In Iran, Hawkins supports diplomacy rather than military confrontation. Hawkins supports the nuclear disarmament of all countries.

Hawkins, a member of the Teamsters Union, won 12,616 votes among Green Party State Committee members, which is weighted based on the prior Gubernatorial election results. Sandor Hicks, a 9/11 Truth Activist, won 2,778 votes. Steve Greenfield, a New Paltz resident, finished third with 2,752 votes. Hawkins and the Greens will challenge the two major parties, including both Bill and Hillary Clinton, for failing to respond to the growing threat posed by global warming. Hawkins supports major investments in energy conservation and efficiency, as well as an investment in renewable energy sources such as solar and technology. The Greens believe such investments will produce much needed job creation, especially in upstate New York.

Other key green issues in the 2006 election include abolition of the death penalty, same-sex marriage, reproductive freedom, living wage jobs, immigration rights, mass transit and agriculture sustainability. The Greens support the shutdown of nuclear power plants, starting with Indian Point. Hawkins supports shifting more of the tax burden at the state and federal level to the wealthiest taxpayers and polluters rather than low and moderate income Americans. Hawkins opposed the recent Congressional vote for a $70 billion tax cut package that overwhelmingly favored the rich. Hawkins believes that a fairer tax system would allow for increased state and federal funding of schools, reducing the burden on local property taxpayers. "Every politician tells you that they want to cut taxes. What they don't tell you is that they want to cut taxes for the rich while cutting essential services and shifting more of the tax burden onto working families," added Hawkins.

While the Greens failed to retain ballot status in 2002 when Stanley Aronowitz fell eight thousand votes short (41,797) of the 50,000 mark, they successfully sued in federal court to retain the right to enroll as Greens. 36,141 New Yorkers are presently enrolled Greens. The Greens will need to collect 15,000 signatures from registered voters (of any party) to get on the ballot this fall.


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