Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Pro-War: Corrupting Truth on a Daily Basis

Yesterday, I let everyone know that our own newspaper lies to promote war and kill workers! People at the paper were upset that I was so mean in describing their fascist behavior. Today, rather than apologize for my demeanor, I am writing to say that I am even more correct about their terrible, dishonorable pro-war agenda than I was yesterday! For those not up to speed, the "paper" ran an AP story about the huge Manhattan war protests over the weekend. In their usual fashion, they just ran the AP story on a secondary page (or so they said). This is hardly surprising, after all, NYC is hardly "local" and is slightly off their "beat".

The Fascist Daily ran this AP story, though, as if it reported "thousands" of protestors in Manhattan. Interestingly, they CORRUPTED the original text of the AP story to suit their own pro-war needs!

The same AP story running in the Daily Gazette and many other papers, said "tens of thousands" (in both headline and in text). Often, the story was accompanied by one of many available wire service photos showing a teeming throng obviously a quarter million strong or better. This same AP story also reported that the organizers (United For Peace and Justice) estimated the attendance was roughly 300,000 attendees (the UFPJ website says 350,000).

What's interesting is that the Daily Gazette and the other papers I checked ran this AP story uncorrupted, in its entirety, and, in many cases, on the front page. The picture in the Gazette (and the Reuters
photo I sent out yesterday) make it obvious that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of protestors attended, not just "thousands". The Times Union also ran the same AP story, again, unadulterated.

Not only did our little Fascist Daily (Post-Star) REMOVE the headline saying "Tens Of", they also REMOVED the words "tens of" and also removed the part of the AP story where the organizers estimated the crowd at 300,000. They did not run any picture with the story.

Can we pretend that this kind of manipulation of the news to favor a pro-war agenda is an accident?! THIS IS NOT A FREAKIN' ACCIDENT!
There are obviously people at the paper who are actively pursuing a pro-war agenda because their corporate masters and they, themselves, (as well as the whole ruling class) make a lot of money when there is war and its not their kids who die, either. Facts don't just get casually edited out of AP stories by mistake. Their removal is purposeful.

Fascism and its machinery of propaganda are alive and well right in our own backyard! You need look no further than those who run our sleepy little corporate daily to see that clearly!


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