Thursday, May 25, 2006

WAMC Senate Poll Results

Hey, Everybody! While the Fascist Daily has yet to even mention most of the candidates running against incumbent Hillary Clinton in this year's Senate race, our local NPR-affiliate, WAMC (90.3), ran a poll on Tuesday asking people who they would vote for. Almost three hundred people participated and .... drum roll please .... Guess who won?!

HOWIE HAWKINS (a fellow Green, Teamster and activist). He won with 32%, more than twice the votes for the incumbent!

Aside from the fact that a Green won the poll, there are two other interesting points;

1) Steve Greenfield received 11%. He is a registered Green running as a Dem because of anger focused on the national Green Party (which I share). His total would make the total Green vote 44%!

2) The two war parties (Dem & Rep) garnered less than 22% of the total vote ... Exactly half that of the Green vote. Who's in the minority?

Food for thought, eh?

Way to go WAMC! Just don't lose that neutrality and objectivity right before election day! ;-) For those interested, Susan Arbetter sent me the results of the poll and they are posted below (unfortunately, WAMC's site doesn't allow one to view past poll results).

By the way, if you are looking for information about Howie Hawkins, his agenda or his platform, check out the website below. He's an altruist and a tireless champion of the poor and the progressive. He would be a GREAT senator!

Two Political Parties = One Massive Corporation

Dear Matt,

Always good to hear from you. Thanks, too, for the kind words. Here are the results from Tuesday's poll:

14% - Incumbent Hillary Clinton, Democrat
32% - Peace activist Howie Hawkins, NYS Green Party
5% - Reagan-era Pentagon official KT McFarland, GOP
11% - Anti-War candidate Jeffrey T. Russell, Libertarian Party
3% - Former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, GOP
9% - Anti-War candidate Jon Tasini, Democrat
4% - Bill Van Auken, Socialist Equality Party
3% - Mark Greenstein, Democrat
1% - Tom Weiss, Democrat
11% - Steve Greenfield, Democrat
4% - Other
3% - I don't know yet

... we had almost 300 people voting.


Susan J. Arbetter
The Roundtable Show
WAMC Northeast Public Radio


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