Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To Those Unfortunates Who Work At The Post-Star

An Open Letter To The Good Folks at The Glens Falls Post-Star,

Most of you will be glad to know that I am done. For the last four or five years, I have read your paper and have more than frequently tried to engage many of you in discussing all of the myriad of things that require improvement at our local daily. I have done so solely because I believe in democracy (I believe that a truly free press is the only way we can have one). The cynical and machine-like nature of dailies like the Post-Star ("product" merely put out to raise more ad revenue) puts our democracy at great risk. It is wrong. Its just that simple. I have spent many hours of my time asking only that you do what is right (or, at the least, that you might explain why you have knowingly done wrong). At the end of this very bumpy road, our "discussion" has devolved into a mere rant on my part. You have obviously decided to stop even pretending you feel a need
to defend yourselves and your corporate, pro-war agenda.

For that lack of communication, I cancel you. I already cancelled my home subscription about a year ago. I had already ceased writing letters to the editor last summer as you refuse to print them when they matter most. Quite recently, I ceased writing about your terrible behavior on my blog, as well. I am now cutting all ties and am going to stop selling your “paper” at my place of business. I vow to stop concerning myself about your existence in any way. I will continue to be a politically-active, community-oriented, citizen advocate and, as such, when I send out press releases, I will include your joke of a paper on my list of corporate, pro-war, anti-third party media (it is my feeling that you should at least have access to this type of information even though you will likely never use it). At the very least, you can all gather around the water cooler and talk about “that asshole Funiciello” and his ranting while you continue to blacklist third parties and regurgitate wire service crap. That will prove highly amusing for you, I have no doubt.

You’ve had several months now to let people know that Howie Hawkins is running for U.S. Senate against Hillary. You have yet to mention it even once! Why? Is it because you're bad, evil people with a bad, evil agenda? I've given you way too many chances and you've failed at almost every turn. I am left with no alternative thought process. I know that your readership will never read that Malachy McCourt is running for Governor, either. You’re not going to tell them. That’s simply unconscionable! That is corrupt agenda-ridden bullshit and you know it. Those in management perpetrating this third-party blacklist should know one thing; You are without merit or integrity. You know exactly who you are.

Good luck to those of you at "the paper" who try to do what is right on a daily basis. I feel sorry for you having to work in that environment. I know for a fact that you’re not all simple, corporate minions trying to dumb down the electorate but, obviously, most in the P-S hierarchy are. They totally negate your efforts. Here’s to the inevitable (and happy) day on which you escape from that tomb of lies and misrepresentation!

Peace to you all,
Matt Funiciello


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